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Gemfire Reviews

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Gemfire is strategy game set in fantasy world Ishmeria, friendly world where people, fairies, fairies and next creatures live quiet. Or at least as soon as that were... Bad magician used force fire Dragon destroy peace and almost destroyed world. It be but through pull together six most powerful companions , who animal be stopped and confined to jewel, but bad magician has cast curse on companions catch them inside six by other personal ornament. Seven personal ornament input into crowns.

Now bad king Eselred want to use dragonish force to by its own schematics. His daughterly princess Robyn succeed in disengage companion from their prison, and that is now as far as into them stop bad king. So story begins.

Gemfire be firm play as though both look and games first - rate. Play is typical strategy game, where the point is to defeated all eligible regions least nessecary. You determine guidance counsellor at the beginning games, and allthough guidance counsellor suits from time to time, that is in the end up to you do everything, what needs for succeed. You will also be are helped one from six companions, and everybody is another in both power and type attack.

Concerning real battles, KOEI made handsome addition to this play. You no longer you must knock down all enemy forces to win battle, that be enough, to intercepted enemy base. This meansthat it%%= be exceedingly important defendthat the you found, and that is where fences befit. soldiers infantry have what it takes erect fence to slackened friend (outhouse fences weigh upon, so will not surrender to if your soldier will fizzle for the first time). Next pretty thing is as though you get another premium depend on how you attack an enemy period. This go for frontal, lining and stern attacks, but also for bolasso.

Graphically this play is astonishing, and every period has their personal unique militant animation. Music is also much graceful. Gemfire be too handsome play that is of easy learn, but hard to won. Recommended to anybody who this way genre.

Play supports multiplayer until 4 players.

Year of publication: 1992

Made by: KOEI Co., Ltd.


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