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Rok je 50 BC. Všechny Galie je zcela obsazený Římané. Dobře... ne zcela.

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Geekwad - Games of the Galaxy, The Reviews

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Want to play to space Invaders, Frogger, defence attorney, tournament and trivial pursuit all together in one DŮLEŽITÉM ZÁPASU?In that case you should surely consider downloading ' Geekwad Games galaxy ' .Barren of ' king uncustomed uncustomed Funsters ' was flyaway bad Cybergeek and now it's up to you - expert - beat him in his peas. How already he said, these games are clones from truest of all true classic:

Lay solicitors: Helping grandmother to get rid all those sinful people who come in to her door Beefender: Defend foreigner from catch your cow Phlegming: Amusing space golf herewith delightful little yellow animals which implore eat you Grogger:be of service another foods to consumers ' overleaf side of the road ' , give wide berth pedestrians and do space crop ends active Earth last: Collect many a thing fall down, before, till they struck mother trivia country: Answer some questions to familiar spaces- tématům

for by any playthat the you get final score for which, if superior to Cybergeek- ovo, you will awarded with secret by letter. Then, what all 5 letters are collected, alight kings in - prison- glass will drawn - up and detonation mechanism will poised for manipulation of. You know, how take to parts bomb when you answer three genuine questions in every triviality play.story is poisonous and play isn't more'n copy of what we already know ' - call that like it all the same it is much merry entertainment! These variation our familiar classic have plenty to bade so I'd proposed we rather negotiations for parody- holdu them. Graphic art are cool and land - gamete characters are somewhat delightful and made with love for details. To operating controls you have you got mouse and keyboard which will do so much comfortable to played and use menu.

What more can say? Oh yes, score ... I would say give that 4 articles! Why? Prosové: + merry entertainment + good play + handsome games + handsome graphic art Cons: - feeble story

will try it! Don't you won't you be sorry that.

Year of publication: 1993

Made by: Tsunami Games


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