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I'm jitthat the you everything don't you know this little addictive title. Play was simple. Did you frog (on that account title Frogger) and you need to get into your hiding place. To do that you need to cross the street and river.

Cross the street resources bend out becomes run over auxiliary vehicles. Fetch through entailsthat the you need to scamper from turtles, logs to could achieve safe refuge on the other side. If there is years inside you get next score, but if there is wolf inside you get eating.

If you struck anything ( wall or car) you die. If you remain on turtles for too long will plunge and you drown same thing if you simply jump in water). You come through no- floating frog. You can nevertheless collect little frogs on tree logs. It may even get you extra life.

Once all void on the other side are replete, you will walk up and down to the next level. Autos be quick, there are crocodiles swim with riverine (careful no jump in somebody's mouth) and later soever gnathostoma seem, that hunt you everywhere. So Good Luck becomes access level 6.

Air in backcloth is precisely addictive how play, but operating controls are foreign.You have you got A/Z move up and down and ' / ' move left and right. Now it is time in the end have some merry entertainment!

You need to slackened DOSBOX down to below 200 cycles to could play to.

Year of publication: 1983

Made by: Konami Corporation


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