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Obrněný vůz Všeobecný, první SSI'S Všeobecných her, byla opravdu fantastická hra kdy to vyšlo v roce 1994. To kombinovalo skalní strategi


Freddy Pharkas - Frontier Pharmacist Reviews

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They is dinky joke at the back how Freddy come to life: Al Lowe debated about it, how western computer game she might be merry making. In the process, he felt pronounce "peasant" and "farmer" at the same time. It get along "peasant- cistu" so "Freddy Pharkas, apothecary limit" he was born.

Freddy Pharkas, Frontier Pharmacist is grande adventure play made Sierra in the year 1992. It take place in Coarsegoldovi, Kaliforniis ( former town gold fever in old west) and you enact Freddy Pharkas, former gangster which became a apothecary.

Freddy only live his life quiet when Coarsegold suddenly be threatened set hardship which citizenry weren't able to stopped. It's up to you buckler Coarsegolda using only your senses and some creativity. During games, you will need to have had " Modern daily bunch Health and Hygiene" which accompanying original play, but you can draw down it from somebody's in addition (it is titled how handbook).

Graphic art are handsome and music suits quite nicely with play setting. Characters ( chicken) be right pulled and backcloth contemplation penalty also.

If you hold true Sierra fan would you should not pass this play, and if you are not, you should not pass so does it. It's simply good, amusing and entertainer. (or how PC games World call that: " flaming Saddles computer plaies").

Year of publication: 1993

Made by: Sierra On-Line, Inc.


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