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Fatty Bears Birthday Surprise Reviews

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Fat bear is one of those delightful little plaies made specially for children. A you know what? It's one of those GOOD delightful little plaies made specially for children, also!

Music not particularly be of consequence, but it is handsome, delightful and good for children. Voices- reprints be but right to characters nor difficult to heard, also.

Graphic art are cartoonish, resemblance handsome and delightful. Play does not contain no force.

Play phenomena are guessed it - handsome and delightful. There are a few "riddles", of course, but nothing children cannot control: finding additives cakes, getting key from mice so further - adventurous old timers they may end play in below half an hour, but finishing is not as quite point here.

Play includes mountains merry entertainment for nosey children - there isn't scene where are not at least several apparatus which do peculiar things after clicks, shall we bowling mini - - play, piano play tune (ten pre - made and children they may supply with to ten of other they composed ourselves), decorative cake is handsome occasion hereto, use trimming to made scenes, and then there's a room in attic floor where you can experiment on dress fatty up into different equipments.

In the end, there are a lot of semi- educational potential for children. Letters, musical notes, basic mathematics - you name it. Not to mention as though it is also good way to teach fool around some basic English.

Fat bear birthday astonishment come in handy to play - ideal way to occupy visitation brats so buckler your fragile/sweetheart/irreplaceable things from demolition and main chaos which bored children seems a much expert in producing.

Only watch: once every baby is given occupied in herewith play, perhapsthat the would could find ablation them from the front your PCs . much difficult, if not impossible.

Please used DOSBOX or VDMSOUND run game well, that can labor under Windows XP but troubles. To get out play printing ALT + Q.

Year of publication: 1993

Made by: Humongous Entertainment


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