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F1 World Championship Edition Reviews

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F1 world championship publication be highly underrated F1 competition malingering, slack in the year 1994 from Domark. Play gives you chance to drive F1 car in all 16 perimeters on FIA calendar in that year.

F1 world championship Edition offers several election: you can choose among another play modes (arcade, training, competition). In moment when you will config your automobile setting in preparing to race you have to choose whether you do you want automatic or hand transmission, and number wheels in race. It is also possible to play against next friend by using internet which be too important feature in play. In those play you have you got scale with 4 sorts difficulty to pick being: Novice, dilettante, expert and professional.

Before you start playing playthat the you have to go setting, and map your keys. Mode arcade is to my mind best games, for it is where you feel most games. You can almost make it through every veer without piptonychia brakes - no much realist, but gives you much merry entertainment. End up in peak 3 in each of 5 courses, and you win the game.

Competition mode is of course more realistic and longer: you have to finish period F1, starting with qualifying round. You may use setting for your car before race, and visit escape stops during of each of race for again- palivu and little modification. Drive, and operating car weigh upon than in mode arcade, and much practice is need good in those play, especially from computer opponent of is heavy beat.

F1 world championship Edition give you much o'clock merry entertainment, especially when you are driving slope in 200 a mile in an hour-or your car snow bumbs into of other out and flies in mid air. It is not classical competition malingering, and if you are you looking for F1 play full realism, you will disappointed herewith play for it is arcade- styl competition play. I give it to 3 from 5 stars.

Year of publication: 1995

Made by: Peakstar Software


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