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I have always had fascination ancient Egypt and when I saw eye Horusa on shelfs in computer store back at the beginning 90 - ovo, I'm was had to buy it. In reality it be the first COMPUTER GAME I ever bought and look back, I'm so like I'm did. Be used to platform games such as extra Mario Bros, eye Horusa was entirely different experience to me, though.

What you would did not expect from such old title, is how eye Horusa approximates platform genre in his own way. Almost every other platform play (especially for PC) had same clichééd cogitations: fable with a number of lives, walking from with the sun, jump on enemies, till then, than he notching next level. But EOH took another way: way freeform investigation plus pinch adventure.

Let's start expositive play: you, Horus, wake up in vault with walls full hieroglyphs which be revived and attack you when you get near. ; the point is to brought Osirisa back to life and will knock down Setha, who also live within those vault. Shreds of his bodies be spread about vault which you can find investigation, finding colour keys to operated abstracts and slaughtering bluster on the way.Cool thing, though, is that when you give a back seat ' ' , you can transform into falcon - you beings Horusůva, Falcon God, this would didn't have come in how too big surprise.In - ův mode falcon ' , you can fly around, shooting pummeling fires in moving hieroglyphs that are your nemesis in those play. You can also find and lift objects which can help you in your search. It lie adventurous part enters - every object has specific application but while handbook explains his ancient meaning, his use in the game is up you find.

Next cool part games is way there be no levels of, only rooms in vault which you can mostly visit in nonlinear fashion. You have you got chambers in vault that are interconnected with abstracts and every abstract has colour code. by collecting coloured keies, you gain access to more part vault. There's a map to help you trace where to go and where did you though, so you non don't lose.

Yet, while EOH they are trying to much new element, there are many trouble with play. To one, picture - writing be the only enemy - kromě end boss Seth - whose you will face. While there are many kinds hieroglyphs, they always act mostly same. Also, most of them respawn infinitely - evidently this stop the game from being too easy, but it can also get you frustrated when you zpříčíte , and have to walk by same area several times, taking damage you do you want give wide berth.

More trouble is sound. There be no sound for shooting - no sound effects for anything in reality. There's a PC speaker musicthat the can get poisonous after a while, and that is it. Any Sound Blaster or Adlib supports also. It's a little disillusion, even for play from 1989.

Graphically, this play it is not bad for its time. Atmosphere Egyptian vault be quite well renewed.Much frilly masonry, sarcophagi, stone pillars - it really perform well give you ' in character ' .

While eye Horusa can be almost two decennium old, that was one of the few platform plaies which really tried paradigm. While platform genre on brackets happen stationary, EOH be willing to teach is new thing or two. While no perfect, that is yet comical explosion, and play I'm loved long and in the end I'm completed after much practice. A alert though: easy, it is not.

Part 16 bitwise pocket commutator

Year of publication: 1989

Made by: Dentons


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