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Málo kdo ví, kdo stojí za touto logickou populární hrou - Ztracený Vikingové. Jako svojí první hru ji vydala na PC společnost Silicon & Syna


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This review will a little different from the rest, from introduction to games in reality be written on the back of boxing nor given in play alone. But before, than I will write introduction there are a few thing, that you will need to knew:

Above all, play them at all controlled your keyboard, so you will need to knew which button does Co.

Cursor key: Kinetic

T: TakeU: Used: SpeakL: LookI: InventoryD: OptionsSpacebar: Fire away (in 3D travellings).

Play uses both 3D první - look men mode (at travelling) and typical adventurous třetí - look men mode (when inside outhouse and cities). Eternam was, as far as I know, first play use this access, and that is good. 3D motorthat the they used be in fact good enough when it comes to creation living world, but what really gets off out of this play is actual heat price play. His humour competes with it Terry Pratchett and Douglas Adams with animations and astonishment which simply leave you speechless after few seconds later.

If you like good laughter and relishs gnarled humour, this play is thatthat the I'd advise.

Now introduction:

Greetings card Don Jonz! You is about to be won virtual Adventure holiday on Eternam, biggest and best planetary Funpark in galaxy.

Heavy worker intergalactic space Marshals like themselves deserve to experienced final escape. Pass 3D landscapes to more than half a dozen last human erasability, settled living- similar bio - that monsters offering craftily notes. From age faros and region medieval knights to French Revolution and behind, will have adventure life... or several.

But, Mister's Jonz, there's a slight problem... Dragoons always inhabit Eternam minded recover park and join forces with your arch- of competition Mikhal Nuke. They eye destroy your holiday in large way!

At least you can count assistance from gorgeous Tracy, engineer on Eternam team co - ordination. Unfortunately, escape bad claws nuke, she has dematerialised into Funpark - ovo computer networks, so Tracy will communicate only over computer screen.

You will need intuition, mettle, adroitness, diplomacy, charm and surreal sense of humour. Only you can buckler Eternam - - and themselves. But who'd no face to all/near challenge to win Tracyův smile? So... Vychutnávejte your holiday, Mister's Jonz!

Year of publication: 1992

Made by: Infogrames


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