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I clearly keep in mind epic poem how one of the first plaies, that I'm bought: this was 1992, and mine computer was Amiga 500 with 512 KB RAM nor harddisk. Boy, was play single-level memory! I'm envied my friend with PC who could fly around with Lt - Col, but now envy finished - - alas, only for a short time. Play only consists of 8 mission, and no missionary parcel was soever made. (digital image design had to hear clamour of all players, because successor, named hell, have over 700 mission: issue, that I'm learned from printing news, no that, that have cognizance of soever played them all.)

play be done for Amigaa, but be published for Ataria and PC also. Now leave me veer PC version. Story was as simple as some /every /no in this genre space malingering fighter - - amusing how fate all the people always rest on ones shoulders men. Sun prepares turn into super - Nova and gigantic spaceships evacuate of the whole population your native planets. Unfortunately best escapist road from disaster straight forward traverse heart Rexxon Empire: and they will not like gigantic starship flotilla crossing their space.Even sin against - ův zone insensitiveness ' , how initial states, is act of war. So let there be war! Did you best fighter people have, and did you to flew new kind small craft, gold one.

After introduction you can go into a place name and call letter, both used to high score.Cathode - raytube also offers possibility of go into a place - ův entrycode ' : if you be missing embattled you get this code to began at last parts last tempted mission. As I said earlier, there be but eight of them, some with a number of part. A mission begins rich in detail debate that contains missionary purposes. There's no saves option, but if you diethat the you win with cut scene indicant confusion your failure brought to human civilization ...and short ' entrycode ' .

Mission mostly pile from fly around and destroying thing or enemy by boat. Every mission has time balk and show you per cent how much already has achieved. First mission, for example, has two parts: 1. fire away some mine 2. destroy enemy radar steeple building which get you point in demolition be shown how yellow tečkovitosti on your radar while enemy defence periods are reds dots. Blue dots are friendly or no dangerous. - It be usually good game to followed roads underfoot, they will make for by building.

Cockpit holds any secret if did you played similar games. Upper part is your cockpit look with a little red three - figure boxing that is of your compass. In bottoms there are your tools: to the left you do you see three bars marked S (shield) F (firing) and in (rate of swelling), below is your leathered articles. In the middle of is radar in space or mini map planets, on the right there's a next radar, into the bargain T (sometimes) in seconds numeration conversely, and C (completed).

Now play: there be wrapped up disillusion. I'd had remember four main : 1. Orientation to space weigh upon. Radar in cockpit is designed hereto, to helped you find friend fighters, but it is in 2D who very much reduce his usability.Occasionally you get text news over HUD how ' Go to xxx ' , three - figure denotative old boy issue and show you right direction indicated your HUD compass. Nevertheless, this non says you if you are too high or too low. If you lose flighter aeroplane at be fleeing friend just fortune (or experience) will help you support. Evidently it is not no problem to the eye planets.

2. Operating controls are simple but difficult to drove. I'm sham with mouse (it is also possible to tamper with key). You hold left key mice give the gun: there be but two high - speed modes: either button and years fast or quits key and years slow. Use genuine mouse button to fired your lasers (autofire when hourly pressed). Left and right, up and down are adhere directions mice (up and down are inverted). Mouse be too sensitive: slight over setting and you find myself turning space, so watch. There are another lasers (and plasma gun) in your boats but I'm was found no possibility of choose: you simply relieve oneself energy for either and continue next. It is wrong because you begin with just a single shot departure laser, by leaving double and three - ply shot departure for later. There's no aiming device so aiming experience matches that of a WWI fighter. S F1 into F6 can choose another camera view inclusive genuine, left and rear view from cockpit.

3. There be but basic enemy AI. If you be in distress piptonychia your shield best game is to left region battles. Enemy craft will always fly around in formation, waiting forthat the you come back and destroy is.

4. Every mission has time balk but if you get at the bottom of play there should be no difficulty in observant that. ; shield and firing also have one's limits and shield will not finish off. I ain't disobey fourth mission (it has time balk from 600 seconds) because in every attempt mine firing be away after only half time!

Sound is average: midi orchestra playing heroic music to introduction, and always same noise explosion at the Battle. Really overwhelming for that time are graphic art. Lt - Col had bitmap graphic art and I'm was slow unworkable, but epic poem has vectorial graphic art. Digital image design showed their mister techniques with F 29 Retaliator. Epic poem permitted gigantic space battles hundred crafts in immense rate of swelling! Of course there are no textures, I thinkthat the they weren't fictitious yet at that time, but soon you will forget it at buzzing space. Story be said in animated painted cathode - raytubes which look good enough. Action? Well, any impediment to merry entertainment.

What about overall assessment then? You get accustomed to problems operating controls, and graphic art be overwhelming, but fuel problem be serious, and there be no actual heat price dogfight with enemy trade because of atypical on/of free speed control and barren of AI. I give it to four - in remembrance of absolute rate of swelling and a lot of enemy by boat, that brought to cathode - raytube.

Play is cracked, start off by "epic poem.bat" in Dos and struck return to introduction begins. There must be slip - up because it took eternities for second mission to load, so be patient. I'm rehearse play with VDM sound and with Dosbox (in D - Fend). VDM sound was too fast for me. DOSBOX work pretty well; I'm reduced mouse responsiveness to 70 per cent. Operate sound setting first and pick soundblaster.

Year of publication: 1992

Made by: Digital Image Design Ltd.


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