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Did you Mike Goodman, opposite artist which live with his girlfriend in decrepit suite of rooms. Your work is people trick into thinking you can contact dead. You be short of money and no other works. One day you encounter man named William Mayfield who offers you $10,000 go with him to distant icy station named Mary. You immediately receive, and next morning you be off. Aim: Greenland.

It's suspicious as though there's a spirit favourite station Mary. After first contact in spirit, things start keep wrong time - something bad. Foreign diesel maculae seem all over station, death walks knock, nor everyone is who they first appeared to be. It is up to you find secret behind death newsmaker all around you, and exactly who's behind them.

Play be fairly well - built. Story holds you hooky from the start, wonder more. Of course, only thing solving it is play to. Riddle are not overburdensome and you should have no problem becomes lost.

One things, that gets off most are instructions.There are shortcuts for most common instructions, such as ' t' for talk, about' for open, and ' l' for look. There are many also alternative methods, how say one’s things in those play. That is going to bear a hand give wide berth frustrating moments which often rise in such adventures, when did you know what to do but it took 10 minutes to solved correct order use.

Only thing wanting sufficient number games is probably longitude. More depths she could have got signs, and me feel like game is over too fast. All the same, it is very pleasant and me advise it some /by every /no fans adventurous genre.

ALERT: There are some graphic scenes in those play. If couldn't control 5 days Stranger or 7 days skeptic, will nepokusí about play to this play.

Year of publication: 2004

Made by: Femo Duo Entertainment


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