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Magician is next text adventure misters interactive fiction, Infocom. Play alone takes place in the world of Zork, but it be more weighing charge. Bad warlock named krill wants destroy your world, and circle chosen you, young and unschooled magician, knock down him and bottle prophecy. So...

Circle uprise and will recite melodious freely woven magic, whose much structures will let in small, darkened chamber with warm and trust. There's a growth can; you be sent to.

If did you played each of Infocom - ovo washing before, then won't you surprised to seen healthy- psaný story, much intelligent parser, and world which draws you in after a few minutes. There is nothing to what be said about graphic art, except thatthat the you do you see before you at reading, and those are astonishing. There be no sound also, except what do you hear how story unreels.

Waythat the you act is exactly the same how in any other interactive fiction: you primitive type in verb, and name objectthat the you do you want to interact with, and.e. "contemplation fortified castle".Nevertheless, how magician you will need use your bunch faery to solve problems. Make surethat the read your spell book before, than you will go on your way, and don't forget to study / knew magic before you use it. During your search you will meeting with many virtuous rolls, that will disappear after you have you got are use them; it is familiar with use "copy To spell book" spells on them, hold is for future using, as you will need certain faery often. One things, that I'm was found poisonous is as though you need to ate, drink and sleep from time to time, even if you cannot see anything edible and there are dark shadowy figure lurking about; so withdraw from everything movable, look everywhere, and will try everything. Fortunately, circle Enchanters resurrecting you several times, before you in the end run through.

Play alone isn't unbelievably hard, so even the new to interactive fiction can will try it, especially from you can buckler and renew. There is nothing special you need to run it except DOSBOX. Because of žízni - a - feature hunger, I give it to 4, but I high advise it to anybody who like read much good story.

Year of publication: 1983

Made by: Infocom


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