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Závratný gang měl v plánu jet na dovolenou, ale oni udělali takový kravály že oni trápili silného mága, Zaks, kdo zkoušel zdřímnout si. J


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It is converting whacking Amigaovy action- platform games which combines some good idea. You can saythat the this play is improved half - breed some popular Amigaa and C64 platform games published at the beginning 90 - ovo. You enact wood- skřítka whose lady friend was flyaway bad magician. Etceteras be understood.

Levels of are long, there is no time limit and you can eke out state only after completing of all levels of (using F1 - F7 renew, depending on which level you wan to played). You act through screens (there be no scrolling) shooting enemy with your magic finger. Enemy can be divided into two insider: pre - ordered one which be like each other every time you play to and accidental thatthat the continuously continue coming. You should clean screens of those pre - ordered one so, to will safe for a few seconds at reentrant is again.

Generally you have to look into level finding necessary objects and characters and resolution how to use is. On screen inventories you will be able choose entries and implore use them somehow or you can speak to somebody. All of this applies if you state near important seats or sign. You can freely try out nothing whatever to sums how they cannot be used in mistaken way. Also you can find some bottles for energy, upgrade or some tricky effectsthat the you may use if necessary. At the end levels of this way, you will fight big friend. No all levels are this way. There be level without sums but they've another kind of riddles.

All of this is hard to do while creatures always will charge at up to you. There are some creatures that are not enemy. Shooting be down your score glory of. Entries which enemy leave betters your score glory of. score glory of and articles are not id.. score glory of is for only glory of, while articles they will earn you extra life (every 100,000). Also there are any friendly animals and some herbage that can be lifted. You use you in business instead of money. You can buy various upgrade, extra life and energy, but know as though some upgrade be for sale only on certain levels. You can get information on some /every /no upgrade from shopkeeper before purchase it.

Technical parts games are more'n satiation. Every level has another design except last two that takes place inside magic fortified castle. Enemy and animals also vary from level to level (divers be like each other) and this really will deserve compliment. Enemy are another and original and be too nicely pulled. Well this go for whole play, if you like this Amigaův style drawing. Also there are some small but handsome material (contemplating graphic art part games) it can take effect up to you. Noise footprint quality be all right and airs will readjust atmosphere with but one slip - up: they're very short, but this not have to be slip - up at all, contemplating hots.

This play be too hard to hammered. You be liable to drop life if you don't arrange heed and then you drop all upgrade. Some enemy fire away, but you should more fuss rainfall and holes. Sometimes enemy quits adult harts (energy) so you can be capable of find cathode - raytube where you be liable to destroy is and hopefully you recover some health, if you you do not have no more be subdivided into several lots. Of course, play this way cannot be as good without some humour. There'll some amusing creatures and characters, amusing news in inventory cathode - raytube on.

Year of publication: 1992

Made by: Nirvana Systems


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