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Elements be exceedingly provocative brainteaser which they will steal much your free time. It have style which get more and more more difficult. Every level is formed from by other decks you need to run through to are could achieve X. As soon as you clean level you get password, so you will not will you need to started over from tetragonal one's when you get back to games.

Did you a little green point that needs to passed maze and every movementthat the you do costs you energy. There are many battery on way recharge you, but you should weigh which collect.

Inside maze there are by other square. Arrows they will move you further in a given direction without power cost, but cannot cruise is in opposite way (so that is easy run into blind person alley). Black holes they will swallow you and you die level and simple). Silver pills will heighten your score, but in order to get is, you will have to sacrifice costly energy (unless they are on your way).

Most important things nevertheless are KEYS. Keyless cannot unlock some limit. Main trick is to got key, get into bolt assembly and to next screen (again, you will not be able to collect all keys). Nezapomeněte, every key only fit into bolt assembly same colours (evidently).

Play do they really unique in a sense as though will you have to leave a lot of things at the back, because failing that you exhaust energy reserves before achievement your purposes. Plan your step choicely because you will need to lead over some energy to next screen also.

After so much riddle and games maze I'm was were to be pleasantly surprised green draft elements and that is provocative nature. I must say, simply I'm loved play. I high advise you give it a try.

Year of publication: 1994

Made by: Pack Media Company, Inc.


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