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EcoQuest - The Search for Cetus Reviews

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In EcoQuest: Search for Cetusovi, you play to a little boy named Adam that is of son ecologist and was brought up to appreciated packing Zemi. Play begin with Adam move to new placing, no friends. What's new baby to did? Well, if did you answered "make friends with vocal dolphin and start submarine adventure to protected ocean, " you would are were correct! What begin as simple friendship with vocal dolphin, Delphinius, soon explodes when he call for help of you help his submarine town. Leaving surface world at the back, Adam begins adventure comprehensive discovery his role in prophecy of the human boy ablation feces in ocean, slaughtering eater paste, and solvent Cetusa, town protector. In the end you save town at teaching by many important life lesson in.

Play resemble another Sierra play time, basic punctual- and- clicks plane glass surface. Graphic art be on equivalent with royal search 5 and do for whacking play. This play also presents recycling icon forthat the Adam can collect shoddy in his recycling bag! Nejený you learn important ecological principles, but these principles are not fleshy you. This play was originally destined for class young children meaning preserving Earth, yet is merry making for all eternities. Sole purpose this play got 4 rather than 5 is his longitude. After taping proper hour - perhaps two o'clock - games games I be detectedthat the I'm was already three quarters way, how done. Because of such short play play and somewhat linear conspiracy, these play only lashings 4 with me. Also riddle be fairly straight forward usually with very little of problem engaged on solving them.

In the end, this play is proper adventurous games for all eternities. It can be short, but during that while it is much merry entertainment. A single-level memory remark; code for door at the beginning is 9721. Be sorrythat the ration out it but if you can reveal this issue without using companion, be mine guest. So sit back, handle your recycling vessel, thrust forth all your needless luminary and prepare for some light ecological merry entertainment!

Part EcoQuest Series

parts Sierra Discoverů be subdivided into several lots

Year of publication: 1991

Made by: Sierra On-Line, Inc.


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