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Jako já jsem zmínil se o v DOS recenzi nezvaný, remake Windows byl vázán dostat separátní vstup na Abandonia. Pět let oddělí dvě vydání,


Dream Team - 3 on 3 Challenge, The Reviews

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Dreamt - of team: 3 3 challenges come in handy to squash rackets made Daty exit. It is very similar Jordan against Pták (made Electronic art). At the beginning there's a menu for setting video card, operating controls and sound (inner speaker of). Neočekávejte much much. You can create team with one, two or three men and then you will have to choose beween three modes: practise, teach - in or tournament.

You can play to this play with keyboard or keyboard and hráčův operating controls be too generic. Methods to handle the ball is a little transcendental. Just like name says, play is malingering 3 - he - 3 games basket - ball, that is of play half normal basketball playground. It's different from of other sports plaies made Daty exit because it offers much strategic election that would have had please fans hereof genre. So does it includes playbook, full player statistics, and rules real games (for example, in the street play mode from 3 - he - 3 basket - ball time every quarters is 20 minutes).

In dreamt - of team: 3 3 challenges you can move, run through, fire away ball and control much easily. You can sham alone or with friend how play also offers "týmový -" mode chums, in which the two players can play to in same team against computer or play one’s against next.Globally, dreamt - of team be too pleasant play. It doesn't need to atmosphere live competition, but it be overwhelming option for anybody seeking play to spent some free time, and because it's like this amusing and relaxation, I give that 4 star.

Year of publication: 1991

Made by: Park Place Productions


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