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Story story those games is part fancy and part story.; main the point is to destroyed German warship - ův Bismarck ' .Bismarck ducked English ship named ' HMS Hood ' so, English want to vengeance.They send air boats - ův Ark Royal - ův that is of your operations base.You you are driving ' avenger ' special fighter equipped to made torpedo bombing. While Bismarck really subsisted and fell HMS Hooda, avenger no - aloof demolition Bismarcka.

Play play offers you, so that either dummy - head many a thing like are touch - down, starting line and flying, his main the point is have you fly to Bismarcka and tail off it. Aircraft piles from four cathode - raytubes. First is piloted cathode - raytube, where you handle plane. Second is engineering cathode - raytube where you can will hang fire from respects status aviation and care for starting line and touch - down. Navigátorská cathode - raytube lets you trace your position also it enemies and you may see where various point of interest would may be. Upon this cathode - raytube you can also set point to navigate , namely discovers on compass on piloted cathode - raytube. Last cathode - raytube is shooter cathode - raytube tail; here you can evidently fire at things, that you might've are missed while you be in piloted cathode - raytube.

Operating controls Tady are play big question - mark. While most operating controls is how handbook says, divers are mystery that even I ain't didn't find out a solution. Main issue be inženýrův light switch. In order to see and operate your tools, that you need to wound you lights on. It's basic if you need take off or country. Also, in - flight, you need to use it, to make sure your aircraft. Make surethat the turn light off, handbook says, before you leave engineering cathode - raytube because keeping it on will make you easy to notice enemy.

That off, operating controls are your standard- average kind things, arrows handle plane and space cut - outs among fire mode and pilot mode. On shoot tail will shadow spacebar fires.

It's a little evident this play needs joystick how keyboard isn't hold hard You would be better off playing Ataria ST version.

Graphic art and audio there are three videos modes play offers, being CGA, EGA and Tandy 1000. Only sound play fulfilment employs PC loudspeaker namely only thing offers basic strains consisting peep. Engine sound be fairly terrible before starting line.

Dive bomber runs penalty below Dosbox and natively below XP. In Dosbox be wrapped upthat the fuckthat it%%= supports a little into peep be understood instead of broken.

Year of publication: 1988

Made by: U.S. Gold Ltd.


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