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Disciples of Steel Reviews

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Following Steel is RPG as you know is - character creation, takeover level,buying/finding new equipment, solving by other impositions for people in the world, etc .

after following introduction- filmu you you do not have no image about it, what play be about - it have something to do with knights, but it be up to it goes with storytelling.This don't rest in at all, because introduction be too well done pro - ův 93 play, so you will sit back with sensationthat the this will good.

When you start new play you go over to character cathode - raytube creation where you (yes did you guess) create until 8 signs standard RPG- election: die roll on statistical returns, race, class, picture, etc . when this is done and did you pick formation for your characters, choose "abort camp" - and you be on the way.

Play be divided into two parts:

First is adventurous map where you stroll around, come in to the town, cells, etc . when you be in cities you can buy cavalry, arms and next different entries and you can also buy water and food (that is of important to remainder character partial).

Alternative cathode - raytube is combat cathode - raytube. They almost be identical, but difference is (and did you guessed again): militate against. This is done how in many other RPG peas - turnbased, though you will never don't finish it is your turn - every sign will gradual be given the options to assaulted, takes aim, fire, enchant, etc . fight isn't easy, so I advise, so that used buckler- funkci often!Graphic art are at best average for ' 93 (perhapsthat the they used all their time to short introduction- filmu and forgot about land - gamete graphic art) - this is not big problem how graphichs isn't most important aspect RPG-GAME, but little more effortis demanded. Music resembles above - mentioned - of the number of airs be too dull, and you will tire them very quickly ( let's say reserve "buoy one's" :))


Play resembles by many by other RPG-GAMES on the spot, and contributes nothing with many new aspects to RPG- žánru. In comparison with to other plaies this does not make standards for graphic art, and music stays on the average level. Feel- dobrý feel after introduction left rather fast - damage, this could it be whacking. A much average (perhaps a little down) play in all aspects - but probably pleasant for RPG - FAN who only cannot get enough to.

Important: Run game writing in rent, compression will enter and then writing at the beginning

Year of publication: 1994

Made by: MegaSoft Entertainment, Inc.


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