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Soumrak: 2000 je báječná otáčecí-založená strategická hra.

Pro ty z vás kdo ne - nehrál na soumrak 2000 pero-a-papírový RPG, hra k


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Another competition play pass by ... Vital sound chariot quite coolisn't it? Sounds like session in cosh - boy machine he likes Carmageddon or destruction derby! But it only sounds like that. Vital chariot is - styl arcade version rally competition games. Motor be like each other we'd in rally Championships, play is merry making and graphic art are gorgeous.

Let's go start talking about Prosovi in those play. - graphic art be overwhelming. All seven (!) autos are pulled much enough to and look like original. Only name was changed gently. So instead of Toyotaa Celica we've got Toyosa Cerica. - operating controls are inspired. You can choose keyboard or joystick verification. Pressing fire button or spacebar making you car speed up. Pressure harmonica in front or conversely (or cursors- klíče up and down) making you shift gears. Left and right is pro - judgment what - drive. Automobile animation be too fluent and his merry making to went ahead tracks with by the following accurate operating controls. - you can choose three another play sorts: practice, single race and world championship - another tracks have nice to variety of surrounding country, extras and hindrances

A now sad Cons vital chariot. - they is options menu where you can strain among sound or music during games but I ain't didn't hear no nothing. (I'm tried DOSBOX and VDMSOUND - both without single tone out of my loudspeakers) - they not seem to be discrepancy between play sorts as far as at itthat the can choose your tracks in single works mode. - highscores not seem to be spared. - after terminate tracks you directly get back to title screens - which will do so only 4 tracks to race. - when did you skidded because of diesel pool or struck hindrancethat the you need by hand shift down to starting gear (which sometimes don't work too well) namely is taking eternities to sped again

I like play much much - in the early 10 minutes. Perhapsthat the I am doing ill but I cannot tell something other than: "This play is merry making for a few minutes. You will relish competition and operating nicely pulled autos but please do did not expect this be something for long evenings."

it is 2 articles for me then.

BUT if plane glass surface was to better and operating controls they will improved, vital chariot could have good chance to be five articles games...

Year of publication: 1994

Made by: InSide Team


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