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Dlouho, KOEI užíval jejich prostředky na dělající realistické strategické hry založené na asijské historii, ale tentokrát oni dali jejich


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Did you prince whacking Kingdom (no best name I have ever heard), and how boythat the you watch your father ( king) die at the hands of Garth, magician warrior which, after slaughter your father, send you away live with farmer, nikdytofulfill your fate how king. Little Garth know, nevertheless that the farmer he send you to live with them once royal biggest hero! For a few years, he training you do battle with Garth, and now day to you start for on your search in the end is here.

Play is quite good, but it can be boring at the time; every level is id. - will find sum, will bring it to the sign, find door which open, exit, will flush out, reparate. But it is not as easy how so sounds; sum which cures you rude be fairly rare, and cure one health, that you need to got ten coin. S only eight healths articles, that can get quite poisonous, as when you diethat the you get back to your last buckler with nevertheless much health did you be free did you spared, meaning that if did you spared with one greetings you jstenejpravděpodobnější denouncement.

Are not too much enemies, but they do their part. There are spiders, peculiar vegetable- similar creatures which fire away bolt of lightning, and several by other. You can increase power attack your finding much- ups, from blue shot departure to orange boomerang shot departure, etc .. There are some good platform branch which have you jump on hroutících basis which reforms, sothat the when you have to return, you can. There are also three skill level to play to v.

Sound effects are not nothing but clump of peep and boops. I have no need really to said something else; there is not much to is. Music unlike effects, is quite good. There are positive rapidity, slower music, and shreds in the meantime. Although music does use peep and boops also, they sounds more at home here, with good atmospheric noise in backcloths.

Art department lie play make an about-face for worse. They're obsolete, how this play be done before original Commander Keenovými set, but they're perfect for play.

Shift, skipping, and attacking, is easy because there are no insect in supervisory system. You use cursor keys to drowe your sign, CTRL jump, and ALT assault. Globally, sound financial situation play, but because of its repeated play, I give it to 3 from 5.

Year of publication: 1991

Made by: Scenario Software


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