Cold Dreams
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Chladný Dreams je akce/hádanka platforma udělaný nesmrtelností Production v roce 1995. S tavením mezi středním věkem a futuristickým nast


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one of best. works plaies of his day.

main specialty is editor trackthat the makes it possible to production and extensive track not only with common elements, like various types turnings, but also skokánky, tunnel, loopingy or diverse road surface. To by any created disappear even saves table times single players.

on all tracks it is possible race with a number of by various autos, as well as opponent of different burdensomeness.
after emotion race even it is possible let go replay, in which the walks trace how does your, so oponentovo car from many different positions cameras.

Year of publication: kolem 1990

Made by: Broderbund


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Luke 16.03.2010 reaguj
Stunts je fakt nezapomenutelna hra, s kamosema jsme se ji nahrali vazne stovky hodin.. :)