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Conquests of the Longbow - The Legend of Robi Reviews

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Who hasn't heard legend Robin Hooda and Maid Marian? Legendary hero Sherwood Forest was declared outlaw sheriff Nottinghama, for fight for fairness and questioning system. Together with others Outlaws, that he began militate against authorities using guerrilla tactics.

This play gives you chance to experience this famous story through eyes Robin Hooda himself. Sierra made this fabulous play in the year 1991, and they used every trick in book hereto, to did it play to keep in mind. For example, play includes multiple termination, depending on your actions and their consequences. Also, dinky computer game was placed in story to added some variant of to failing that much monotonous punctual- and- clicks play.

You start play in your cave in Sherwood, along with your personnel. This was to your home last couple of years, and you always be run through life every day, ignorance about what would happen next. This night, nevertheless things be set to change for ever. How do you sleep, goddess of angelic eye - appeal enter your moonshine and begins dance. When you implore grasp at those vision, she disappears and magnificent green emerald in shape half heart is the only, what remain of her. Waking from your dream, you reveal precious stone in palm your hands. So begins search to finded your faithful love, Maid Marian.

Your search will lead you into treacherous diagram to overthrew good king Dick lionheart. You be the only who can stop sheriff and abbot, but it won't be easy. Most probably, there'll several vital scenes before, than you can in the end disengage king of his prison. As stated before, play has multiple termination so, that can be played several times, with some new aspects be added to story always.

Sierra again made play that is of merry making to played and easy to run through. Feature whacking action and be full of extra charges scenery. Together, this play merits home herein. A for those of you who could jam, all files as though they may need can be pursy from extra train.

Year of publication: 1991

Made by: Sierra On-Line, Inc.


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