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One of better know classics is definitely oldies but good-natured man by the name of Congolese bongo.

Did you research worker in deepests darkest jungles African Congoa and archbishop (probably gorilla) tickles you while you sleep. Now we can not have it, we may?

A now walks comical part - catch monkey and getting some economic return!

It's primitive type arcade games, where you need to leapt, jump and give wide berth hindrances and run against rung to be able to act.

Play can be played with either keyboard or joystick and you can turn strains switched on and off. For it is PC fotbalistova play perhapsthat the would was problems running it (sees technical remark down). A you can even play to double player hot armchair mode!

To play game in due form you need to slackened DOSBOX down to perhaps 300 cycles. To she could have run this play so have you need in addition it inside DOSBOX. Make it you need to give it to in component which DOSBOX will receive subfolder C:

Instance: Do component C:\dosgames\footballer download and eductive Congolese bongo into footballer components (C:\dosgames\footballer\congo.img). Run DOSBOX mountain C: C:\dosgames C: Boot C:\footballer\congo.img

Year of publication: 1984

Made by: SEGA Entertainment, Inc.


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