Quarantine II - Road Warrior
Quarantine II - Road Warrior - náhled

Z perspektivy nebo někdo, kdo nikdy nehrála hru předtím, karanténu II: Silniční válečník má poněkud zatáčky aby dostala se přes předtím,


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if do you like inhuman games, I thinkthat the Liero them to you that correct option. Play be enacted for the most part underground and aim be destroyed enemy worm.

this play is intended for people who like to dig into in shaping terrain. Find here arms like bazooka, machine - gun, napalm, et al..

upon this gamese be about best possibility of multiplayeru on one PC. Nowadays her start perhaps everywhere. Only thing what hereto will you need be about Dosboxthat the be placed directly here on web.

Year of publication: 1999

Made by: finsk? program?tor Joosa Riekkinen


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