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Chasm - The Rift Reviews

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"You leave - NOW!"

your mission begins in power station. Energy began leak out of generators, and engineers believesthat the this it could have been incurred TimeStrikers - bad monsters which can appear in anywhere and any time of the ours dimension. Your work is to finded next power supply for plant, and that is where ours play begins. "too late, too late..."

fissure: Variance be released one year after Quake, and that is probably gist, why it wasn't much successful. Many people call that "barren of- mužský Quake, " and frankly, in some aspects play does he looks like modest brother Quake. If advance designer, action forms Ltd., was able to disengage play about a year earlier, it should more receive attention, as it has some interesting aspects games which be fairly innovative at that time.

"it is time travel!"

in casethat the do you still are didn't try out screenshot: play is classical FPS (první - shooter men). Considering story mentioned at the beginning those review, that be fairly evident that the developers have had gory killfest planned for play. At the time his publication rear conspiracy wasn't so quite important, and field wanted have some blood- krytou merry entertainment.

Play piles from four episodes, every divided into four levels of. Every episode offers new orchard surrounding country and some new enemies. During your travelling through time and space you visit not only power station but also medieval village, ancient Egypt, and some kind futuristic strongholds Evil. Last mission every episodes includes main TimeStriker whom you must destroy to completed episode. These gentlemen be too different from regular run monsters, and are resistant to your standard attacks, so no matter how much bullets, that you throw on them they will not will not be fall. You will need to finded something special kill each of them.

" Lone pilgrim"

map created for play are not not particularly repeated, how some of them consist of by many narrow corridor, while others have plenty room. Every time you play to, you will have to walk through by any room and skyway; this way play stand up. Land - gamete there are many disconnect switch and keies, and if you pass one you will not be able to act. It can be poisonous sometimes as though, if you pass single disconnect switch, will you have to go back through whole map and check walls and next surrounding country therefor one special point, how opening are not not always near locked door. You need to be very much cautious about damned disconnect switch - almost every time it meansthat the did you not only unlock door, that did you needed, to opened, but also some more trapdoor, and enemy assault you few seconds after what print key or collect not even. If they don't assault immediately, guard way back - enemy perhaps agree somewhere among your placing and newly- open place.

Motor is provided in extenso in 3D, but map somewhat have one's limits. You noticethat the you may use road map, but it is flat; there be no possibility of that the room or skyway can be above next, but that doesn't mean as though something can not be a little higher or inferior to your common position. In many places you will need to find stairs to go with higher ledge or jump over hollow, but overall target levels of always be only placed on single floor.

"hurt me wealth!"

there are sixteen another sorts enemies, and many of whom can be harmful to more in the way of than one. Some of these monsters they may damage you only in hand - to - hand fight so if you will not let them advance towards you, you can reasonably feel safe, but if they come near (especially in later episodes,) they may break you double or three strokes. Over half your opponent of is able fire away shot at you from afar, and that is most interesting part: play can do arithmetics where enemy was bitwise - be it arm, fragment - or head. If did you countering badly- armour enemy, you can implore loose off his arms, so disarmament it. Without arms it will not run off, but always will you implore kill you with anything be abandoned on his body - his remainder hands - or if it loses it, then with his head or legs. Nezapomeněte to locate per head how so are most vulnerable part, and if you loose off it, aim will no longer problem.

Enemy' AI is not very advanced - they they don't know, how walk through entrances or next narrow entries, so if you will find anything like that - only go from rooms and continue shooting. Sometimes when you make it they will fire away back to you, but if they're fighters fight, did you completely safe.

Most dangerous times during games are when monster teem. How mentioned before, they often seemthat the after you collect sum or whip disconnect switch, and seats where it will stop are sometimes too close to your common position to go away alive. A word of advice: bucklers often, and go conversely collect entries or buttons.

"strike me with your best shot departure!"

your arsenal consists of eight by other arms. Much of these is standard arms like extra shotgun or machine - gun volcano, but divers are nice to additives before unseen in FPS genre. BladeGun work like machine - gun, but instead of bullets, that fires edge circular. There is also laser crossbow - which he looks like usual crossbow, but issues laser fire. Play allows you to use pits, but these are not common.

"let's go do that together?"

play originally had multiplayer option which be applicable only through either IPX net - or series connection. Later, advance designer prepared adjunct to let field play to deathmatch using TCP/IP Internet connection. I have not had chance to prove multiplayer option, but I'm did some research and me not found individual recommendation about it. Most complaint be about straight design - deathmatch one is not very interesting, and using single player one's it is possible but highly unworkable, how all under lock and key areas in single player mode be by standard under lock and key takéinmultiplayer plaies, and number arms in ně also much dull.

"Gimme more!"

adjunct to includes three extra individual player levels of with some new enemies and boss in. I don't know why new enemy only appears in the first and shortest premiums level. This episode hasn't no debate, so I I cannot tell if it appendant to action, but it is yet merry making to played. If you would like to install this extra content, did you make would better do that before you start single player campaign, because spared games don't work in both versions.

Play is shown in the full 3D, so if you want to sport with resolution highers than 320x240, that you need to have had proper computer.

Year of publication: 1997

Made by: Action Forms Ltd.


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