Spellcasting 301 - Spring Break
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A tady je hra která dokončuje Spellcasting Trilogy. Znovu, hra je příjemný, zábavný, s inteligentním humorem, ořechový a


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Biggest cook in states them to a mission to do best sentient fried hamburger soever. This made hot - bandog mad with and egg are hard boiled at all events, so they agree with hot- psí thought stop cook.

Now you need to led hereof mister cooking pleasure about step ladder and give wide berth murderous light foods. On way you need to trample on additives perfect fried hamburger (yes, now you know why fried hamburger smell like some groundage sweaty legs) to could gather winsome finger- výprask rich in fat fried hamburger!

You receive bonus articles if ingredient fried hamburger (it is two parts fancy bread, leaf salad and piece milled paste) beats egg or hot - bandog at fall down. If falling ingredient country on top of next additives the will compress it automatically (can cause chain response, so go for peak row first, save time).

So have you get into reduce to pepper in poisonous light foods pit - a - pat you, but it be but temporally solving. Happy to you, you slip quicker then the poisonous craps. You receive bonus chillies and cup of coffee if did you able collect is in time.

As soon as you do four fried hamburger, you move to the next and harder level and will start all over again (but believe me, that is genuine success to got access level 5). Together merry making little addictive classical gamesthat the I'm loved on C64 and will find play those version even better, therefore I even never mind terrible CGA graphic art (not only it is missing colours, that do they really poor quality).

To get same quality screenshot, you have to change setting in DOSBOX.counsel set! Machine type should be change from VGA (standard) into CGA. Pick out compound (TV mode) at the beginning games).

Year of publication: 1982

Made by: Data East Corporation


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