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Battles of Destiny Reviews

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One from many strategic games undid through QQP (quantal high - quality productions), battles Destiny has much lynxs which set it up except genre in his day.

Play takes place after eukaryotic forming rolls, and you play to as one of until four faction buoy for control of world. To start, you have you got twenty ones maps to elected; as soon as you pick your map, did you then able pick number opponent of, as well as their combat evaluation, and victory conditions for play. Champion conditions allow you to specify general winding number in play or victory score - or you can choose have no limits at all, entailsthat the victory makes general destruction your enemies. You pick whether field they will begin with 1, 3nebo 10 cities, and AI level for each of your computer opponent of. Then, only give yourself a name and shortlisting flag you would like to constitute your faction, and play them to a!

Play alone offers much election. There are four troop country, three air forces and twelve naval unit to elected. In addition, you can have your town focus on in plant his industrial levelthat the enable it to create troop faster; construct radar stationthat the gives extensive line of sight for your cities; and building guided missiles, that resemble controlled shots, for one - shot attempt at anything about your cities.

With all by the following production and champion election, you can find myself reproduction battles Destiny much time to try another strategy.

AI be capable of, especially as soon as you get into highers difficulty. In addition, play walks - map editor, so if you will find map provided to wasn't - your taste for, you can create your own!

You will find reply to key to copy protection located in text file in play file.

Play runs proficient in DOSBOX; only sometimes, that run against C: urge unreasonably. This has nothing to do with DOSBOX, as I keep in mindthat the it state when I'm sham originally.

Year of publication: 1992

Made by: Holistic Design, Inc.


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