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Did you time warrior and your mission be stopped monster named Baal!

Baal stole wartime enginery and you must get it back before, than it is too late. Therefore you did you get team from 5 warriors and be sent to Baalova hiding place.

Of course you will face by many of his monsters there, at examiner run through subsoil maze basis. Fortunately, you have you got technological supremacy upon your part, so you can go out and shoot life out of those fiddling, slimy, sticky, foreign subsoil monster!

When you collect all shreds machinery, you need to get into transporter and you will delivered into another domain.Play also has - ův buckler - ův option, but only in certain localities. You have to state only genuine (close, but no touch it). In certain points games so have you have what it takes fly, failing that you simply fall and go out with clink.

Graphic art are handsome. Backcloth is made from stiff dragons who formed zawn (at least it look in this way). Animation is smooth and sound is adequate. Operating controls spare oafish (you need to press directionthat the you do you want to jump to first, and fire later), but you get at the bottom of that. You must also be too warning, how there there are few place for slip - up. Get only tiny too close to power ray and did you toast! Also guard anti- kádrové pits, do they really are hard to notice and needless to say - vital.

So if you mood for fast run- contemporary- and- overhead- them - up play Baal is as soon as tedium on order!

Operating controls are next:

- numeral 1 - 5 shortlisting another arms, if you have more then one's;

- R - fills laser (but only in refuelling point);

- S - saves play (but only in refuelling points);

- L - loads play;

- Esc (with fire pressed) - will interrupt current play.

Year of publication: 1989

Made by: Psyclapse


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