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8088 Othello Reviews

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8088 Othello is classical board game stealing opponent's pcs .. Draft is very simple, yet quite inspired.

To play to this play you have to think about lines! Place new piecethat the it be in line (either upright, horizontal - or diagonal) with by one of your previous pcs . and you needs to intercepted at least one opponent's piece among. Opponent's shreds as though did you intercepted become your shreds ( change their colours).

Winner is player, who ends have more pcs ., if you are not able catch all opponent's shreds and victory.

It is very simple to learned / knew, but extremely difficult to coped.

This computer version has 5 levels of problems and believe me, young level is already challenge to unschooled player. Toughest level really is hard to beat. You place your shreds writing in letter and quantity position you do you want move into. Then sees what happens and how computer opponent of will respond.

Play hasn't no sound, but colours be fairly nice to (although it only has 4 colours - but it needs no more). Unfortunately cannot play against human opponent of.

A last but not least, even people with slowest of all connection will not be hamper removing this and give it a try, for it is smallest play file on the spot till this time. File there are few smaller then 3kb and if you ask me, that is best 3kb you can draw down even some from screenshot upraise more space then of the whole games).

Year of publication: 1985

Made by: M. W. Bayley


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