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1-0 Soccer Manager Reviews

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well, guys, this play bring us back to the very start of managerial genre plaies. To most players, 1 - 0 manager association football be fairly unknown: much few people in reality heard about it, inclusive fans genre.

No much did not expect from graphic designer, because play hasn't any. But for fans managerial genre, that have plenty of statistician to relish.

A fine feature games is that athat the name and teams from 1992 are all exact terms. At the beginning, you can choose one- player option or invite friend to fondled you. After that, you you can choose team from extra League ( best league in Europe) or normal team from first, second or third English leagues. There are some much good notes; for example, you will need to paid next to attention abilities your players. When you want to buy player for specific position, try to find one’s best through the combination ability therefor position afield.

Play gives you option to followed matches - or, how in most good podnikatelskýchher, you can choose only see continuity with big newsmakers. One joke be at itthat the at following competition, you only do you see letters, every letter representative player.

1 - 0 manager association football be done unknown producer named Wizard games Skotska, Ltd. Like play, they're rather unknown, but this play, if have better graphic art, could it be one of the best managerial games association football soever made. I give that 3 star.

Year of publication: 1992

Made by: New Era Software


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