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Och, válečný deník, zpět v 96 mě a přátelích strávili hodiny znovu-hrající demoverze. To mělo jen dvě úrovně ale oni kde tak veselá zábav


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player controls postman (or post woman), and have to lapse bizarre row hindrances, such as for example tires rolling down after driveways, while car refit, or special houses like haunted house.

if you any one of these hindrances knocked off wheels, automatically lose one of five lifes. Play you can vary bythat the will you peg window home, whose proprietary permitted unsubscribed your paper, but you must care, because paper you do not have infinitely much and delivery strip subscribers is your priority. If namely some of them will not get his paper, immediately his subscription to quashes and if such cases multiplies, you can about his work come in. At the end of each of of the day still have possibility of take a ride after ground with plenty of skokánků, hindrances as well as targets, into which you can aim left over paper.

Year of publication: 1991

Made by: Tengen


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