Alpine Encounter, The
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Alpine setkání je interaktivní hra fikce s grafikou, říkajícím příběhem ukradené vázy, ukradené řízené střela plány, a tajný agent dožene


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play principielně start from time - honoured logical game Sokoban, which is playthat the today most younger players already at all doesn't know.

original rigorous idea Sokobanathat the was to mere scrolling cases to and from, we're enrich about new logical element, as are for example various types door, rocks, explosive boxes and stuff. Besides acceded and possibility of cooperation single play statures, ladybirds, that can be in one’s level as far as five all of a sudden.

Cílem every levels ofthat the be at stake on the whole 120, is pick five keies, that open out exit into next mission. At a single glance on the whole simple, indeed with progressive burdensomeness single mission confess negation...

Year of publication: 1999

Made by: AnakreoN


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