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Callahanský Crosstime salón je jedním z nejvíce zřetelné her vůbec kdy udělané. Jestli vy jste hráli tuto hru předtím, cítí se svobodný a


Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory Reviews

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today you produce, newer, non-so much old, however freeware play - Wolfenstein: En Territory. Is that a action firm- person computer game from period 2. world wars.

Enemy Territory had be originally regular commercial continuation favourite games Reutrn it Castel Wolfenstein, however thanks trouble with development games single - player, be enacted 29.5.2003 only multiplayer part like independent playthat the it is possible with impunity draw down and play to free.

play is then destined for playing over internet, or LAN. Includes 6 different maps. Company promoter ID software John Carmackthat the except - another fecit possibly Doom 2, undid source code games below GPL licence 12. August 2010 on QuakeConu.

Year of publication: 29. května 2003

Made by: Activision


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