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Pacman (Pac-Man) Reviews

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Pac - Man is Japanese plateaux computer game mature society Namco. For the first time was mentioned in Japan 22. May 1980. Soon become very popular, as far as cultic play, jíž is up to the present day. Become symbol of all computer plaies and model for many mutation, popular ditties and TV serial.

at the time rise those games was most plaies shooting or resemble Pongu. Pac - Man fecit unprecedented type games. His maker Toru Iwatani, according to whose opinion was to at that time most plaies too forcible, wanted do play, that would force miss and she would have so acceptable and female.

in halls spirits cannot stop not even face round, only on crossings according to simple algorithm adjudicatethat the direction give up. Trace at the same time objective patch, whose determination it depends on regime and personalities spirit. Each of spirits has its colour, rate of swelling and its specific character ? ?personality?, which displaies by, how spirit shelters, what in a way Pac - Mana try catch.

Year of publication: 1980

Made by: Namco


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