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Minecraft (originally Minecraft: The Order of the Stone) is independent computer game written in Javě and develop Markusem Perssonem and his firm Mojang. Is that a so - called sandboxová play, in which player can do, what him conserve. In this case is dart into cubiform 3D world.

player have to alone pick material on construction habitation and on tool - making. On side is applied effect of the day and night. At night discovers spectre. Player either can sit up and wait for dawn, go out and fight over its bare livelihood, only try extend its modest penthouse or go to bed.

play become fastest extensive Java play in the world. Walks play so - called Minecraft Classicthat the be free of charge on official pages games. At present is accessible version 1.2.4. Play includes various steps burdensomeness from "Peaceful", when don't discover monster and lives automatically support, after as much as burdensomeness "Hard", when is survival very difficult.

into games Minecraft it is possible also draw down much fabric paw, that will change appearance games, and modification, that for example edit fabric waters, or and carry the hod firearms and aviation.

Year of publication: 2011

Made by: Mojang AB


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