Where in the USA is Carmen Sandiego CGA
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Carmen Sandiego byla královna ' Edutainment - ův titulů v roce 1980- ovo a 1990- ovo.Originál ' kde na světě je Carmen Sandiego?potěrová


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without doubt best part set and one of the best Czech adverbial ninetieth years. To success him right till then in ours republic singular dubthat the acquit fore Czechs comics (Luděk Sobota, George Lábus, Peter Nárožný) and rich in detail SVGA graphic art.

start for after foots mysterious kidnap in municipality Lupany. Have you got dress uniform and weapon, aren't just now sanctimonious person that is why withdraw from law strictly private. This detective comedic parody is narrate fore Czech comedians - in lead Luděk Sobota, George Lábus, Peter Nárožný and next. On his time play contained multiplicity statures, atypical quantity details, rich in detail animation, logical incident, more than 250 high - quality sounds, story peculiar humour...

Hru here though don't draw down but, you can buy Poldu 1 - 5 behind NEUVĚŘITELNÝCH 94Kč...

Year of publication: 1994

Made by: Zima Software



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