National Lampoons Chess Maniac Five Billion a
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Maniak šachů Five miliardy a One je moc zřejmě chtěl být dělat si legraci Chessmaster a jde docela trochu dále k pobavit než Battle šachy


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Xatax is classical representative Science fiction shooting with horizontal scrollingem. Player controls small racket with that must annihilate horde inbound Extra - Terrestrials and static terrestrial defensive tower. After wrecked enemies sometimes will stay on purse with power- upy, that espressivo will help on crossing three episodes as far as final clash himself Xataxem.

Vaše racket here however lose no time bottom - up, but with the sun.Everything is leading out in really simple, but then stylish graphic art.

Year of publication: 1994

Made by: Pixel Painters Corporation


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