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Monster Truck Madness 2 Reviews

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Monsters Truck Madness 2 (in short MTM2 with code mark "flung Crush 2") is monsters spite works computer game mature firm Terminal Reality and publicize under aegis Microsoft Games. Play be enacted in the year 1998.

compared to first volume, offers better graphic art, updated plane glass surface, new rig and track and addition variable weather conditions. Nevertheless play engine is essentially the same what was the used in original play. O their similarities to testify realitythat the most lorry and track are compatible with both of plaies.

again paysthat "Army" Armstrong provides commentary for play. Nevertheless, his comments were to be updated as well as some new added.

play includes things from older Tri plaies, such as hellbender and CART Precision Racing.

when was begun Microsoft Sidewinder Force Feedback wheel, installation CD also includes play.

Year of publication: 1998

Made by: Terminal Reality


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