Motocross (aka Suzukis RM250 Motocross)
Motocross (aka Suzukis RM250 Motocross) - náhled

Dynamix udělal moc pevnou motokrosovou hru která nicméně vypadá jako jednu velkou reklamu pro Suzukia (po tom všem, alternativní herní ti


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Přináším you me made Contra Pack containing 3 legendary games in one. Pack includes games Contra, Super Contra and Contra Force.

first volume contry went off in the year 1988. Concern play type gun and run(fire into and run). Play was compound from classical 2d levelů and from pseudo - 3D levelů (in the concrete base1 and base2)
chief enemy were to be hi that arms, super - soldiers and Extra - Terrestrials.

Super contra interchanged pseudo - 3D lion behind top - down (lion when is postavička seen above) in the same way than in previous part here too face Extra - Terrestrials and super - dress.

Contra force is the only part when player contend terrorists. No super - arms not even saucerman. Only people. In this part for the first time be in a position choose for who will you play to. On selection have you got 4 dog soldier and each of them has it's own arsenal. Arms you can castigate by the help of cases. Namely so as though after collected definite number press sucking pig and case "activates" and will touch up weapon.

Year of publication: 1988-1992

Made by: Konami


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contra je proste legenda, nemuzu jinak nez 5*