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Závodně-akční hra od vývojářů z Papyrus Design Group vydaná v roce 1996. Na výběr máte spoustu motorek, tratí a jediným cílem je dojet do ko


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play Bridge Builder is simple, but ingenious. Your imposition is bridge, that must stop at least for a period of than will pass train and stay on undamaged. As a matter of fact doesn't need to necessarily stay on undamaged, train simply have to pass at the other side.

at a single glance it seemsthat the is that a simple, but at formation have you got dull budget, therefore in highers levelech games you will have to everything properly think out, how him build to no fell.

if after created bridge train will miss you can to another lion, if not as you must bridge build a little failing that. Graphically it is very simple, on the other hand perfetně clear. In addition you can find out where's biggest stress and there bridge yet reinforce.

strains are not no (which is a little damage, because would BB didn't harm possibly whoop train, or crunching bridge) and to operating will be sufficient mouse.

if you on side seemedthat the on side there are few bridges, so on page are bridges downloadable.

Year of publication: 2000

Made by: Alex Austin



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