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Já pamatuji si hrající Starquake jak jeden z mých her raného dětství, hraje to na rodinných 286 IBM kompatibilních zádech koncem 80- ovo.


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Stargoose is computer games for Amigu, Atari ST and IBM PC PCs ., issued in robe 1988. Play has 8 levelů, do you want, so level. Be enacted on enemy planet and your imposition is shoot all all that up to you will charge at.

cathode - raytube moves up and up, dock everything don't destroy and you don't get into next levels of, or you will not annihilate. Have you got armour aircraft with machine - gun and trace guided missiles.

backcloth surface is same, thanks that lightly 3D terrain is every level different and with gaining levels feelthat the really act somewhere along, into obscurity.

Year of publication: 1988

Made by: Logotron


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