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UFO: Enemy Unknown Reviews

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behind play UFO: En Unknown which was in of his day by best what may be costs firm MicroProse which issued also transport Tycoon.

Náplní games is repair bases X - COM and drive combat operation periods those organization planning.
underfoot drown horde mimozemštanů, driftage people and animals and ordnance on them insipid advances, urgent infiltrate terrestrial governments and getting them to to cooperation. Into combating intruder get on X - COM troop, that deem ůkol avert space menace.

fostering of construction, equipment bases, recruitment and equipment soldiers, aeroplanes, and largely about favour states, that just his serviceable shelter from alien will recruit into, to and henceforth X - COM moneywise supported. Politic part games includes fight, organization planning and movement choice periods after playing area in tension mode.

Year of publication: 1993

Made by: MicroProse


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