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Po divokém úspěchu NBA džemu, uprostřed cesty jen MUSELY udělat pokračování v tom: NBA džem 2!!

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Hidden And Dangerous Deluxe Reviews

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outstanding play Hidden And Dangerous be the work of companies Illusion Softworksthat the later issued games like Mafia, Viectong. Snake brought those companies unreal success. Play is freely disseminator full version, in his game enclosure freeware plaies hasn't competition.

on bye - bye - spectrums get tetrad parachutists, but no any Ramba, as we know it from Call of Duty, but people flesh - and - blood. To its team spend story of the whole games. Among by the following four people you can any time as need may be strain and one of them control, namely from look first, and stranger. His action always first plan, then create team and plunge into action.

after graphic page is H&D on one. When carry in teamthat the play get along midway year 1999, so they graphic processing really splendid.

Year of publication: 1999

Made by: Illusion Softworks



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