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vaše mise začíná v elektrárně. Energie začala prosakovat z generátorů, a inženýři věří, že toto mohlo by být


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this play arose in small programmer group in Germany like dinky game and was launched like freeware and surprisingly clear a huge success throughout cardigan and next lots upon yourself nenachali wearily.

into coronet get scattergun and your only aim is in 90 seconds postrílet at full blast hens which before you prance about in different distances, whereas behind you vzálenější and hence smaller get more points than those what will fly through close aboard you will hit and footless dachshund. Down shot kloubouku, balloon, aviation, you articles read.

first volume began infinite set plaies Moorhuhn as well as be about poorest what content týče, which but at all does not mean had he been at least amusing! Until played with gang chums about it who puts most points it has you correct grády.

Year of publication: 1999

Made by: Phenomedia



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