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To je jednoduchý televizní kvíz který pokrývá jiné oblasti astronomie. Otázky budou testovat vaše základní znalosti, ale lidi kteří nejso


WarCraft 2: Tides of Darkness Reviews

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year - end 1995 see the light continuation one’s perfect real - time strategy and wait to see even bigger success. This continuation got title Warcraft 2: Tides of Darkness.

action begins there, where finished action original games. Dark portal was though reserved, but no unmade. People restored its fort Stormwind and with the view of look - out Portálu build fortress Nethergarde. In the meantime in the world of Hordy medicine - man Ner'zhul, commandant clan Shadowmoon, restores mastery over Orky and essaying follow - up opening Temného portal. Human arcimág Khadgar has but suspicionthat the somebody again tempts this gate open out. Therefore sends frontiersman Alleriu into Stormwindu, to people admonish of a danger.

on side is used SVGA graphic artthat the has, in contradistinction to of others strategy, fabulous impact hock. Events games was to extensive from mainland on sea g shell and aloft, accede water and air units. S enlargement sea accede new raw material for lifting, crude oil. Both belligerents, people and orkové, have almost same troop untrue only appearance and tag. Also accede feature "fog of war", or visibility map was dull on visibility periods.

Year of publication: 1995

Made by: Blizzard Entertainment




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