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Shuttle je moc realistická simulace raketoplánu, určený pro hráče který chce velkou výzvu.

Hra: 4/5

Shuttle jsou jedním z n


Descent 2 Reviews

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Descent 2 bears new levels of, new arms and new enemy corvée. Is coming also with useful thoughts for player like Guide- botathat the have what it takes , to flew with afterburner or power shield, that you can change many a time, what you happen inefficiency.

much new enemies finds in Descent 2, but most prominent lynx is your friendly robot: Guide-Botthat the you preserves. Also here you can find very much atypical corvéethat the names Banditthat the can burglarize player ship. When will Bandit wrecked, so explodes and will let out all stolen subjects.

Descent 2 allows resolution at the most excepting 800×600, but tůžete have livid 1280×1024 whereon need order -superhires.

Year of publication: 1996

Made by: Interplay


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