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Star Wars: Dark Forces Reviews

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play Dark Forces supports player sections, in of which saves progress play, whereas take place mission it is possible play to again. Among some missions are renderované continuity, that field near backcloth action.
Nedají attempt life position games, available are but sort of lives, at smrťáku then player discovers about bit back and forfeit one life. If will forfeit all, have to mission start again with by three lives. In addition it is possible in maps sporadically open up hidden survival.

for sb.'s part setting operating, I don't know what default value employs, do arithmeticsthat the yet darts, but at any rate is missing peeping up and down by the help of mice, which me a little surprised, as I at him used :)

Z play aspects is no more play Dark Forces so much appetising, because here’s Kyle yet normal soldier and at all anticipatesthat the at him few years later waits Rahnův luminous sword and way knight Jedi. Whole play you must riddle than in any other 3D action and after graphic page already play perhaps anybody will not take. However is that a either yet dosovská business :)

Year of publication: 1995

Made by: LucasArts


Star Wars: Dark Forces - download


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Opraveno :-)
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dobry, akorat se mi nelibi ten download link na Ze jim privedeme cloveka je mi celkem jedno, ale vadi mi ze tam musi opisovat to cislo.. :( chtelo by to primej zdroj