Daughter of Serpents (a.k.a. The Scroll)
Daughter of Serpents (a.k.a. The Scroll) - náhled

Dcera Serpents obsahuje dost tajemné znalosti aby poskytovala spěšný kurz egyptského mysticismu. Pozadí hra zřejmě úzkostlivě zkoumala; n


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dragonish story is Czech adverbial from year 1995. Fable is flying lizard Bertthat the try find his fatherthat the some time ago disappeared obscurity where, and try set right carrying - on, that on commit bad magic stick Evelýnou.

play includes on 40 location, has full very witty Czech dub (play there has been and in by other language versions) and was published first Czech CD-HRA at all.

dragonish story become in of his day one of best selling plaies in the Czech market, as evidenced by factthat the her sold over 7000 copy. Get along also several times already below licence "freeware" like attachment play magazines.

Year of publication: 1995

Made by: Vochozka Trading


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