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Špatný pouliční rváč byl zveřejněný v roce 1987 softvérem paprsku. Toto hra také je známý jako Bop'N'Rumble (starší kapitán 64) a ulice h


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Jazz Jackrabbit is best - selling plateaux from makers from Epic MegaGames published year after ours republic make independent. Keep in mind how we're she played yet sometimes at the turn of century at school about intervals from her they could not tear off.

come in on into role rabbit, but né without consequence iceman, creators have given made rabbit of all green - perhaps to was more cheerful. At first games have you got only simple weaponthat the you must defend off - putting flies and tortoises.
if you such tortoise, or anything will catch, let us say touch, languish life, you it is possible on the whole well renew by collecting carrot.

play on its time abound in handsome manycoloured graphic artthat the support perfectly made strains, that you into games put sb. in a good mood.

Year of publication: 1994

Made by: Epic MegaGames


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