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V Magic Pockets vy ovládáte malého chlapce který má nekonečně velké kapsy. On může hodit všechny druhy materiálu od nich, a také sbírat c


NHL 93 Reviews

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before publication NHL 93, was some ice - hockey yclept Face Off! and some more limp, saltless games far simulant oversea NHL. S year 1993 come in change. Began era annual drawing part NHL from EA Sports.

I have to acknowledgethat the vyvojáři from EA Sports deploy lath qualities much high up and for a few years him didn't surmount not even by its own successor. In of his day engaged graphic art (arbitrator exactly signals offence player at his exclusion, choicely depiction viewers, pear drop in form vstávajícího fatty with schedule, at what says mummy about money, well processed skating players), sound(spoken word and classical el. organ - fortunately without L. Semelky), high playability.

Year of publication: 1993

Made by: EA Sports


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