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Co vy voláte potomstvo mužský Warlords a ženský ovládne a přemoct? Frontové linie! A jako všechny potomstvo z dvou jiných druhů, tato hra


Worms+ Reviews

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Worms+ coming - out year after publication first volume. Acts about such data - diskthat the bears some way improvement.

Přibylo much new setting, nonsensical titles wormů like P1 - 1 net price disappeared and replaced is normal name. Acceded new weapon Mole Bomb, was to overfish several minute slips, were to be added and new map and were to be improved characteristics arms.

since these first volume Womrsů were to be very uspěšné, continue by upon yourself didn't let wearily and today that shall we title like Worms 3D but Worms 4: Mayhem.

Year of publication: 1996

Made by: Team 17


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